Best Paper Award of the Fraunhofer IMW / 4.2.2021

Business Ecosystems for Digital Servitization

On February 4th, 2021 the winners of the Best Paper Award 2020 of the Fraunhofer IMW were selected. The second place went to Alexander Arzt, Research Fellow in the project Data Mining and Value Creation, with his paper “Business Ecosystems for Digital Servitization”. He had presented the paper at the Spring Servitization Conference 2020. 

Online-Session “Selling Digital Solutions” / 6.10.2020

Virtual reunion for the focus group

If product-oriented companies focus on how digital solutions can be integrated into the existing portfolio, a familiar and constant field will become more dynamic. In the context of digitization, companies must look for the “sweet spot” between the possibilities of new digital technologies and the needs of their customers. Against this background, the Data Mining and Value Creation project team has initiated a focus group on “Selling Digital Solutions”. 

“We are using the results from the cooperation with the project team”

Since March 2020, the Data Mining and Value Creation team at Fraunhofer IMW has been working together with Werkzeug-Eylert, a tool wholesaler from Chemnitz, on two exciting questions concerning data-based value creation.

Spring Servitization Conference 2020

Spring conference in late summer

This year's Spring Servitization Conference with the motto “Advanced Services for Sustainability and Growth” was postponed from May to September due to the Covid 19 pandemic and was held exclusively in digital format from September 14 to 16, 2020. 

Online seminar / 28.5.2020

“Covid-19 as a catalyst for digital change”

Not in a seminar room, but on screen – this is how the participants of a workshop, facilitated by the project team Data Mining and Value Creation, see each other for the first time. Due to Covid-19, the seminar with the apt title “Selling Digital Solutions” takes place online.

Europe's place in the global platform economy

In a chapter for the book Perspektiven des Dienstleistungsmanagements (Perspectives of Service Management), Prof. Dr. Thorsten Posselt, director of the Fraunhofer IMW, as well as Dr. Sebastian Haugk and Dr. Riad Bourayou, research fellows in the project Data Mining and Value Creation, assess Europe as a player in the global platform economy. 

Article / 1.1.2020

Do innovations die in sales?

In a case study in the Harvard Business Manager of January 2020, author Heiko Gebauer, project manager of the project Data Mining and Value Creation, addresses the challenges of digital transformation for companies.


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