“Our research areas in the Data Mining and Value Creation project continue to be very relevant in the international research community”

© Alexander Arzt
Poster: “Patterns for platform-based business model innovation – evidence from the renewable energy sector”

Spring Servitization Conference 2021

The two research fellows Alexander Arzt and Lino Markfort from the project Data Mining and Value Creation participated in this year's Spring Servitization Conference. Organized by the Advanced Services Group, this year it revolved around the focus topic “Servitization: A Pathway towards a Resilient, Productive and Sustainable Future”. The digital conference focused on how organizations can develop and adapt their business models through servitization and enhanced services.

The research fellows submitted a total of two papers, both of which were accepted:

  • Paper “Business model elements and patterns of IoT Platforms in the energy industry”, author: Lino Markfort, as part of the panel Servitization Case Studies and Empirical Research on May 10, 2021
  • Executive Paper and Poster “Patterns for platform-based business model innovation –  evidence from the renewable energy sector”, authors: Alexander Arzt, Heiko Gebauer, Sebastian Haugk, as part of the Emerging Research: Services Transformation and Organisational Change panel on May 12, 2021

The scientists presented these papers at the conference and then answered questions from the international scientific audience. The papers and posters have appeared in the conference proceedings and can be downloaded here.

From their participation in the conference, the two scientists will gain an expanded network. New personal contact will enable them to further exchange ideas on the conference topics and engage in constructive dialogue. They also received new impulses for thought and inspiration, as well as affirming feedback from the scientific community.

“It became clear that our topics in the Data Mining and Value Creation project or in our dissertation projects on digital platforms and value creation collaborations in ecosystems are still very relevant in the international research community. There are still many open questions in this area. This, of course, motivates us to explore them further.”

– Alexander Arzt

The conference, originally planned to be held in presence, was conducted digitally due to the Covid 19 pandemic. But the virtual event was a huge success: with more than 100 registrations and an average of 50 to 60 attendees at each lecture, the symposium, now in its 12th year, was very well attended.

“The number of international researchers was impressively high and compared to last year the community has grown even more.”

– Lino Markfort

The technical organization of the virtual event worked very well. Questions during the presentations were sent live to the Q&A chat and then asked to the speakers in the respective Q&A sessions after the panels. There was also a good mix of linking the different research areas.

“Different strains of research were each grouped by topic, so that a good cross-section of new approaches from the scientific community was presented per session.”

– Lino Markfort

“We were captivated by the variety of formats, with keynotes from companies, scientific presentations in the featured panels, and discussion groups with representatives from both the scientific and industry communities.”

– Alexander Arzt

In addition to the scientific talks, there were various keynotes from the companies Omron, Domino Printing, and Baker Hughes to get attendees in the mindset of concise key messages.

Another event was announced, which has already been organized in the same format by the Advanced Services Group. The event “Servitization Live” will take place as a digital conference with representatives ­– exclusively from the industry ­– from October 4–6, 2021. Interested parties can find the registration link here: Servitization Live | Business Conference.

The Spring Servitization Conference is organized by the Aston Business School in Birmingham led by top experts in the field of industrial service innovation, Prof. Tim Baines and Dr. Ali Z. Bigdeli. The conference is held annually in different locations and was planned to be hosted in Florence from May 10–12, 2021. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was held exclusively digitally – however, it is planned that the conference will take place on site again in 2022. /vr

Proceedings and posters from the SSC 2021