Using existing knowledge to configure chatbots


1000° develops the necessary digital tools to stay organized in exchange with customers, employees, media, suppliers, shareholders or analysts. This communication is to be automated.


  • Semi-automated information-based development of an automatic chat system
  • Unstructured information is prepared in such a way that configuration assistants for chatbots can be equipped with intelligent helpers and chatbot decisions can be visualized


  • 1000° provides the complete data of an internal documentation platform for an in-house product so that a chatbot system can be configured
  • The University of Leipzig tests methods of Natural Language Processing to implement the extraction of information for the Chatbot configuration
  • The prototype includes a process chain for extracting information from unstructured data and a tool that assists developers in defining the information provided

1000° Digital GmbH

Location: Leipzig

Size: 20 employees

Industry: Internet and online media


Dr. Andreas Niekler

University of Leipzig