Opportunities for the service business in the Covid-19 crisis

Our discussion on changes and challenges of the Covid-19 crisis serves as a contribution to overcoming the crisis. The future viability of companies must be secured in order not to be left behind by competitors that are more capable. We support companies in developing a robust service business that can successfully overcome the hurdles of the crisis. Together, we are working on digitization concepts that allow business operations to continue as smoothly as possible in times of crisis.


In our workshop “Opportunities for the service business in the Covid-19 crisis”, participants can benefit from 20 years of experience regarding the topic industry as a service provider. We offer participants a comprehensive insight into the critical changes in the service business, especially in the Covid-19 crisis. Together we discuss the opportunities and challenges that the service business presents for manufacturing companies in order to (partially) compensate for dynamics in new business and to contribute to corporate growth as a strategic success factor.

To this end, we are considering possible ways of expanding the service business. What role do databased after-sales services such as retrofit services, extended life-cycle contracts, and retrofit kits for remote services play in this context? How can installed drives be modernized quickly and efficiently? How can companies guarantee machine availability reliably und sustainably through expansions, upgrades and modernizations?

The workshop supports companies in answering the following questions:

  • How can companies (continue to) shape the service business as a differentiation and growth factor?
  • What critical changes will the Covid-19 crisis bring for the service business in particular?
  • How do companies respond to the growing demand for digital solutions in the service business? How can databased services be set up und expanded?
  • How can service teams be trained, especially for the sale of digital solutions? How can necessary competencies in sales and dealer structures be developed?

The workshop is organized as a free (online) meeting and offers all participants the opportunity for personal exchange. This often results in new ideas and opportunities for cooperation with each other or with us. In addition, the participants receive a report in which we record the developed ideas and provide useful tools for further work. On this basis, companies can pursue their path to digital sales either independently or together with us.

Are you interested in participating in our workshop or would you like an individual exchange? We are looking forward to your e-mail!