From connectivity to digital revenue

In recent years, companies have invested extensively in networking their machines, systems and equipment. Through connectivity, for example, companies receive data on the condition and use of their products. This data is the starting point for product and service improvements, internal time and cost savings, and entirely new business models. However, practice shows that many companies have difficulty using this data to generate revenue.


In our “From Connectivity to Digital Revenue” workshop, we will work with participants to explore how companies can use available data to increase revenue. We will provide guidance to companies and identify possible growth paths. Based on our preliminary discussions with the participants, we can set individual priorities.

Together with the participants, we analyze, among other things, which digital offerings are conceivable and which organizational prerequisites are needed to successfully implement digital offerings (e.g. data-driven services and software applications) in the company. Using various methodological tools, participants can identify the concrete added value of these digital offerings, not only on the customer side, but also internally (e.g. through time and cost savings). In an interactive format, we work together to develop new business ideas, analyze their significance for the product service portfolio, identify challenges and solutions and derive individual next steps.


The workshop “From Connectivity to Digital Revenue” supports companies in answering the following questions:

  • How should connectivity be embedded into product sales (e.g. part of the product price or additional price, connectivity as standard or additional option)?
  • Which measures are suitable to network the installed base with retrofit services (e.g. separate sales and service team for retrofit services)?
  • How does connectivity affect traditional services (e.g. increasing availability, embedding in service contracts, and replacing on-site services with remote services, automating spare parts orders)?
  • How do companies need to transform data into services and software applications (e.g. development process for data-based services and software applications)?
  • How can companies market software applications (e.g. Freemium model with a free basic and affordable premium application, license models for software applications including a trial period)?
  • Which organizational measures are necessary to generate further digital sales with connectivity (e.g. sales competencies and incentive systems in sales, cooperation between customer service, production, R&D, sales and IT)?

In the workshops conducted so far, it became clear that many companies face similar questions. Our workshop format allows companies to share their experiences. This often results in new ideas and opportunities for cooperation with each other or with us. In addition, the participants receive an individual result report from us, in which we record the ideas developed and provide useful tools for further work. On this basis, companies can pursue their path to digital sales independently or together with us.


Are you interested in participating in our workshop or would you like an individual exchange? We look forward to your e-mail!


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