Lecture on the future of value creation in Saxony

In October of 2019, Prof. Dr. Heiko Gebauer, Project Manager Data Mining and Value Creation, and Theresa Wenzel, responsible for project communication, had the opportunity to give a lecture on the future of value creation in Saxony as a part of the studium universale at the University of Leipzig. They gave an outlook on future possibilities for companies to make money with data. The interaction of hardware, software and services is a key factor here.

In interactive parts during the lecture, the audience – students of the university as well as interested citizens – gave their assessment of various issues related to digitization and data. These included offerings such as Uber, Netflix and Ancestry. The lecture was followed by a lively discussion between participants and speakers.

The presentation is now available online. /tw


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The video contains the presentation slides with an audio track.

The lecture took place on 30 October 2019 as part of the studium universale of the University of Leipzig.