Pilot Projects

One of our key activities in the Data Mining and Value Creation project is the support of pilot projects in companies that are currently looking into the possibilities of data-driven value creation.

How do we proceed?

Within the framework of the pilot projects, we deal with specific questions of data-driven value creation:

  • Which framework conditions are necessary for a successful digital transformation?
  • How can data be captured and its value determined?
  • What influence does the increasing availability of digital technologies (Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Blockchain) have on the value of data?
  • Which data processing methods are suitable for the analysis of data?
  • How can companies use their data to add value?
  • How can data-based business models be developed and established within the company?

What are the benefits for the companies involved?

By answering these questions as part of the pilot projects, we support companies in using data to generate and exploit new value-added potential. To this end, we develop specific solutions together with the companies. These can be of a technical nature, for example in the form of prototypes. But they can also be of an organizational nature and focus on the (further) development of the corporate structure.

A comprehensive approach to these technical and organizational elements is important to us. They should interlock in such a way that they support the corporate strategy as a whole. We also take into account the importance and impact of digitization for the individual companies and, above all, for the employees. Our goal is to enable companies to actually use and implement the opportunities offered by data-driven value creation.



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1000° Digital

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DLR- Institute of Data Sciences

From unstructured data to product properties



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seecon engineers

Optimizing processes through user-oriented (partially) automated reporting


seecon engineers

Structuring large amounts of data into data containers



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Multi-stakeholder case in tool wholesale

Platform for balancing production capacities



Optimized demand forecasts and customer approaches in pest control



Optimization of production processes in machine tool manufacturing


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