Lecture session on “Data Mining and Value Creation” at NET19

At this year's NET19, the industry meeting place for digitization topics by seecon engineers, the employees of the research project Data Mining and Value Creation will have their own lecture block.

And this is no coincidence: for some time now, the scientists of the project have been working intensively with seecon engineers on a pilot project on data-based value creation. Sarah Neuschl from Fraunhofer IMW and Janos Borst from the University of Leipzig will explain it in their joint presentation.

Using the example of the Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Bergbau Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (LMBV), Dr. Andreas Niekler and Dr. Daniel Wiegreffe will shed light on the future of digital work. The keynote lecture by Dr. Christian Leyh on the subject of data as the basis or enabler for new value-added activities and work encourages reflection on socio-economic implications and changes.

A concluding discussion round on people in the context of digital transformation, moderated by Dr. Andreas Niekler from the University of Leipzig, will provide all participants with sufficient opportunities to become actively involved.

In addition, the other lectures of the event will provide numerous impulses on the topics and challenges of a goal-oriented and efficiency-oriented digitization, which we will all face sooner or later in our daily lives.

This article first appeared on the seecon website.