Competencies for databased value creation

Companies or organizations are increasingly working on their digital transformation. For example, they are investing in networking machines and equipment (connectivity) to complement product-centered business models with databased offerings. The new activities for databased value creation, which often run parallel to day-to-day business, are changing the tasks and competence requirements of employees and managers. This is illustrated, for example, by the rapidly increasing demand for data scientists, to whom almost supernatural expectations are attached. In addition, it is a challenge for managers to identify future development opportunities for the company and the corresponding needs for competence development. 


Through our interaction with companies so far, we have learned, that many challenges arise on the way to databased value creation within the company. A frequently asked question is how the existing workforce can be trained and developed to meet future competence requirements. For example, the sale of increasingly complex products and services requires a new, solution-oriented understanding on the part of the sales staff. Changes can also lead to uncertainties and defensive attitudes among employees. Managers can use suitable approaches to promote acceptance of change among the workforce and establish an open, collaborative corporate culture.


In our workshop "Competencies for data-based value creation", we therefore focus on the success-critical factors within the company.  Together with the participants, we focus on (changed) competencies and tasks, work routines as well as culture and communication. With the help of preliminary discussions, we sharpen the workshop concept for the respective needs in the company. We provide input on databased competencies and enrich the exchange with practical examples. Depending on group size and objectives, we select a suitable interactive format (e.g. Design Thinking) in which companies can share their own experiences and questions on future competence needs and development opportunities and develop their own solutions.

The workshop “Competencies for Data-Based Value Creation” supports companies in answering the following questions:

  • What changes do companies experience in their digital transformation? Which organizational competencies are important here?
  • How can we promote competencies relevant for the future? Which examples for solutions and possibilities fit our situation?
  • How can we proceed in order to distribute existing and new tasks internally and to set up promising teams?
  • Which competence requirements arise in particular for our managers to successfully navigate the company through the digital transformation?  
  • How can we accompany our digital transformation with a suitable innovation culture? What examples of success are there in the field of culture and communication design?
  • What are the implications of the changes in tasks and competence requirements for our personnel planning and promotion?
  • Which competencies do we need within the company? Which competencies can we cover elsewhere, e.g. through a partner company? What needs to be considered when recruiting new employees?

The workshop focuses not only on data and technologies but also on the human component in companies. Since the demands placed on employees can vary greatly from industry to industry and from task to task, there is no perfect solution that all companies can apply. In a joint exchange, however, the participants have the opportunity to develop suitable solutions for their individual challenges.


Are you interested in participating in our workshop or would you like an individual exchange? We look forward to your e-mail!