Leipzig University

Institute of Computer Science


Image and Signal Processing


Project Manager and Professorial Chair

Prof. Dr. Gerik Scheuermann


Project Coordination

Dr. Daniel Wiegreffe

Heike Zschoche


Research Fellows

Yves Annanias

Alrik Hausdorf

Nicole Hinzmann


Automatic Language Processing


Professorial Chair

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heyer


Research Fellows

Janos Borst

Dr. Lydia Müller

Dr. Andreas Niekler

Christopher Schröder


Information Systems Institute


Logistics Information Systems


Professorial Chair

Prof. Dr. Bogdan Franczyk


Research Fellow

Dr. Stefan Mutke


Institute of Service and Relationship Management


Innovation Management and Innovation Economics


Professorial Chair

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Posselt


Research Fellow

Dr. Riad Bourayou