Changes in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) made easy

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The whitepaper also explains what bees and butterflies have to do with change processes.

Change management or digital transformation – these are big terms. They usually coincide with large corporations. So are change initiatives only relevant for many employees and a large investment budget? Far from it. SME, too, are changing and adapting to our fast-moving times.

In her scientific work, Sonja Ries, Research Fellow in the Data Mining and Value Creation project, focuses on concepts and methods that support digital transformation and the associated change processes. In a whitepaper on change in small and medium-sized companies, she summarizes the most important basics of change processes and explains simple methods that even small companies can apply immediately without having to commit many resources.

Here you can download the whitepaper (in German) and start your individual change process directly!


Change in small and medium-sized enterprises